Way Back Home  is the first mission in the Mod.


  • Go back to your apartment


The scene opens up with Nick driving around San Fierro in a taxi as the theme song & opening credits play in the background. As the music fades out, Nick pulls up to a stoplight. As he does so, a triad member (unbeknownst to Nick) catches him off guard, opens the door of his taxi, and kicks him in the face, making the screen cut to black. Nick gains consciousness a few hours ago in an alleyway a block away from his apartment. As he regains consciousness, the player gains control of him as the prompt "Go back to your apartment"  appears onscreen. As he wakes up, Nick mutters to himself


Welp, I got robbed again.

Nick automatically calls his boss, Shawn, on the phone as the player controls him




Shawn, it's Nick. I got robbed again-


Again? By who?


I dunno, all I remember was I was in Chinatown at a light and-


Goddamit, it's gotta be those triads up to their shit again!


I mean yeah, who else could it be at this point?


Right. Go home, get yourself cleaned up, and meet me back at the depot. We're gonna show those chinks what happens when you fuck with us!


Right you are

Nick hangs up the phone

The player arrives at Nick's apartment

Mission Passed

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