1. Game style must be Stories-ish overall

2. VC sirens on cop cars (if possible, even give the firetruck and the ambulance distinct sounds like in VC)

3. Mean Taxi in SF (sorta like Zebra in VC and Borgnine in III) [DONE]

4. The radio stations Playback FM and CSR shall be, respectively, replaced with Los Santos Classics and Flash FM

5. ASI containing SkyGFX's car reflections, HUD, etc (Xinerki is working on it)

6. 3D palm trees, similar to VCS's [DONE]

7. Change, at least, 85/90% of the peds

8. Change a considerable part of the game's vehicles (in this list, the VCS Securiar)

9.Convert all VC static planes and make them pilotable, also VCS Armadillo

10. The Tank and Perennial from Stories games also need to be converted. Cutscene Premier needs to be made working ingame as well. Other required cars shall be added to this message

11. A mix between GTA SA Sentinel and GTA 3 Sentinel

12.A junkyard in countryside/edge of SF with car crusher

13.Sunnyside Cabs along with respective car models for those