The Red Car is a mission in the mod.


  • Go to the police station
  • Steal the red car from the impound lot
  • Dump the car in the ocean


Nick walks into the strip club and sits down next to Matei


I got that thing taken care of.


Very good. But there's another problem.


When isn't there?


Exactly. One of my guys fucked up, He was supposed to bring some pure opium from overseas straight to Los Santos, but the stupid idiot he was got stopped by some cops and arrested for speeding. Now, he's in holding. But keep him there, he's gotta learn his lesson. The car, though, it's in the impound lot at the police station. Chances are the cops haven't rummaged through yet and found the opium, so you gotta take the car and dump it in the ocean. It's already a loss since it's late, our buyers won't take it. Fuck-


You sure it's smart, just busting into the police station like that? I mean hell, I had some issues with them with that witness the last time.


How about this little piece of advice them, don't get caught.

Nick shrugs and walks away

The player gains control of Nick. The player is instructed to go to the police station

The player arrives at the police station. The player is instructed to steal the red car from the impound lot

The player steals the red car from the impound lot. The player is instructed to dump the car in the ocean

The player dumps the car in the ocean

Mission Passed

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