Skunk in the Trunk is a mission in the mod.


  • Go to the triad compound
  • Steal the car Matei is being kept in
  • Take the car to Pavel's apartment


Pavel & Nick are both standing in Pavel's penthouse, looking out the window, conversating as they do so


If only all my men were as effective as you are, I'd be running the whole city you see below. But instead, all they do is stand on street corners and mumble to themselves. I mean it's a low profile, but still. One of these days, if you play your cards right, a place as fancy as this could be yours.


Maybe one of these days-

As Nick speaks, the phone rings. Pavel goes over to get it, speaking to Nick as he does so


Excuse me for a second, I wanna go get that.

Nick continues looking out the window as Pavel speaks in Russian over the phone for a few seconds. After saying a few sentences, he hangs up and calls out to Nick


My useless guys on the street corner have their uses after all-




They caught some triads kidnap Matei and they're probably gonna take him to their compound in Chinatown. Anyway, go get him and bring him back here.


Your guys couldn't get him?


Of course they couldn't, they're useless. Now I gotta stay here and get this place cleaned up for Matei.

Nick rushes out of the apartment

The player gains control of Nick. The player is instructed to drive to the triad's compound in Chinatown

The player arrives at the triad's compound in Chinatown. Upon arrival, he's instructed to steal the car Matei is being kept in, which is being guarded by triads

The player steals the car Matei is being kept in. Upon stealing it, the player is instructed to take it to the Vank Hoff Hotel. During the drive, Matei yells at Nick from the trunk


*Screams angrilly in Russian*


I don't understand your language! All you gotta know is Pavel sent me and I'm getting you out of there!

The player arrives at the Vank Hoff Hotel. Upon arrival, a short cutscene occurs

Matei is brushing himself off as Nick & Pavel are standing next to him in the underground parking garage


*Speaks angrilly in Russian*


*Speaks in Russian*


Do I have any place in this conversation or am I free to go?


You're good to go, yeah. You know where to find us for more work.

Pavel walks out of the garage

Mission Passed

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