Rat Catcher is a mission in the mod.


  • Go to Otto's Autos
  • Kill the witness
  • Lose the police


Nick is waiting at the Pleasure Domes for Matei to arrive. Once Matei arrives, he walks up to Nick and conversates with him


Hey, I was looking for ya.


I can tell. Anyway, sorry I'm late. I found out that one of my guys got put in prison because of some witness who testified in court.


Lemme guess, you want me to break him out of prison?


Nah, not yet. You need to go make a statement, snitches get stitches, if you know what I mean.


As long as you're paying, I'll do it. Where do I find him?


I dunno. He's a car salesman at Wang Cars though, so that could be a clue. Some white guy who's probably all smug about him self. Go catch that rat.



As Nick walks out of the strip club, Matei calls out to him


Don't forget, he may or may not still be under witness protection!

The player gains control of Nick. The player is instructed to go to Otto's Autos

The player arrives at Otto's Autos. The player is instructed to kill the witness, who is at the top floor of the dealership

The player kills the witness and gets a 3 star wanted level. The player is instructed to lose the cops

The player loses the cops

Mission Passed