Proper Introduction is a mission in the mod.


  • Drive to the airport to meet Ku Kold Zho.
  • Ku Kold Zho's been picked up by a Triad Cab. Destroy it!


Pavel & Nick are talking outside of the Vank Hoff Hotel


You did a good job bringing my car back.


I try. I reckon you're having problems with them triads too?


Tell me about it. They're a leper, they keep growing and growing. But hopefully someone can put a stop to that.


Got any ideas?


One of my guys at the airport noticed that one of their guys, Ku Kold Zho, is coming in from Hong Kong and from what we can piece together, he's a valuable asset to them. Very wise, hopefully not wise enough to see you coming.


You want me to take him out?


If you do, I'll get you a spot in my circle of friends, if you know what I mean.


I appreciate the offer, but just so you know, I ain't a mobster.


Who's saying you're a mobster? Just because you solve problems, that doesn't make you one of us...yet. Now get going, his flight should be landing soon.

The player gains control of Nick. The player is instructed to drive to the airport

Once the player nears the airport, the prompt "Ku Kold Zho's been picked up by a Triad Cab. Destroy it!" appears onscreen, meaning that he's riding in a triad cab. The player is instructed to destroy both the triad cab and Ku Kold Zho

The player destroys the cab

Mission Passed

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