Import/Export is a mission in the mod.


  • Drive to the docks
  • Kill the triads and steal back Pavel's car
  • Take the car to his apartment


Nick is standing outside of Pavel's apartment building and meets Pavel walking out. Once they meet, they conversate


Hey, you're the taxi driver from the other day.


Yeah, name's Nick.


Alright, Nick. came around, so I'm guessing you need some work.


Yeah. Business is slow and I need the money.


Funny you mention that, there's something I need doing. Do you do anything other than drive?


I spent a few years in the military if that answers your question.


Well then, some triads stole my precious car and, knowing the triads, they're probably at the docks about to smuggle it on a ship for Asia. It's a 1965 Blade. I need you to steal it back and kill anyone in your way.


And then what?


Take it back here. If I like your work, there's more down the road for you.


And how much will I be paid?


More than you would driving a cab. Go.

Nick walks away

The player gains control of Nick. The player is instructed to drive to the docks

The player arrives at the docks. The player is instructed to steal Pavel's Blade, which is being guarded by triads

The player steals the Blade. The player is then instructed to drive it back to the Vank Hoff hotel. Upon arrival, a short cutscene occurs

Nick automatically drives the Blade into the garage, and then walks out of the garage on foot

Mission Passed

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