Farewell Mr. Smack is a mission in the mod.


  • Drive to Mr. Smack in Hashbury
  • Kill Mr. Smack


Nick walks into Shawns office and conversates with him


Got anything else that needs being taken care of?


Yeah, matter of fact I do. And it ain't a triad this time.


Really? I'm surprised.


Yeah. Some guy calling himself Mr. Smack's been causing problems for my drivers going through Hashbury. Apparently he sells smack, you know, 'cause of the name-


I get it.


Anyway, everyone who drives past that drug festival in Hashbury gets attacked by Mr. Smack, and it's well past the point of talking sensibly about it, so you gotta...well, you know what to do-



Nick walks out of the office

The player gains control of Nick. The player is instructed to drive to Mr. Smack the drug festival in Hashbury

The player arrives at the drug festival in Hashbury. Upon arrival, Mr. Smack yells out to Nick and shoots at him


Hey, it's that cab driver! I'll see you burn! Cab drivers ruined my life!

Mr. Smack then begins running through the festival and into an alley. The player is instructed to chase after him and kill him

The player kills Mr. Smack

Mission Passed. After completion, Shawn calls Nick on his cell phone


Shawn, I was just about to tell you that the smack dealer got dealt with.


Yeah, great. But look, the union's looking around with some stuff and to make a long story short, either you take a couple days off or I get an audit. So yeah, take a vacation, you earned it!

Shawn hangs up

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